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Are you in a sudden fix, and could you use some quick cash? While there are numerous online and brick-and-mortar lenders for payday loans, not every lender can offer these funds instantly. When you have to wait for two business days or more to access the funds, you are borrowing for an emergency, and it might already be too late to fix your situation.

Green Day Online

Green Day Online marketplace prides itself as a lender for individuals with bad credit ratings. It connects borrowers and lenders for all sorts of loans, including instant payday loans. In fact, it has several categories of payday loans like guaranteed payday loans, payday loan consolidations, and, of course, instant payday loans.

For example, applications for its instant payday loans are reviewed and sent to lenders almost instantly. But, on the other hand, lenders are efficient enough to process funds as soon as the following business day.

You can apply for amounts ranging from $100 to $1,000+. While their services are not available in all US states, you can use its website to see what payday loans are close to you. To qualify, you must be of legal age, have a source of income, reliable contact details, and a checking account.


MoneyMutual is an online marketplace for fast payday loans online, with quick approvals for applications and fast disbursement of funds from lenders in its network. It has over one hundred lenders on its list. You can also view how many lenders are available for whatever amount you want to borrow by playing around with the amount range on its page.

With over two million customers, MoneyMutual is also known for its instant payday loans. Mostly, borrowers receive their funds as soon as the next business day. This will allow you to cater to your immediate money needs.

Lenders working with MoneyMutual lend between $200 and $5,000. Its application process is also straightforward, and no fees are charged for this process. On the downside, you must be earning at least $800 after taxes to qualify for these loans.


This is a Texas-based online marketplace for payday loans. However, borrowers from various states within the US can still apply for payday loans through 24CashToday.

The terms of your loan will vary, primarily based on the laws and regulations of your state. You can use the 24CashToday’s rates & terms page to see the maximum loan amounts and terms, the APR, and finance charge limits for your state.

How quickly your funds are disbursed depends on several factors, including when you apply and whether you provide the necessary information. In most instances, you could receive the money as fast as the next business day.

During the application process, you will need to provide contact details, the time you are available for contact, social security number, and zip code. It is also during this process when you pick how much you want to borrow. However, the site allows you to pick a particular range, like $200 – $500, $500 – $1,000, $1,000 – $2,500 and $2,500 – $5,000.

Bottom Line

When it comes to instant payday loans, you still need to plan yourself. The truth is, you might not get the funds a few minutes after applying for the payday loans. What you do, however, is start your application early enough. Most of these payday loan companies provide next day payday loans.

For instance, start your application early if your car is acting up and your payday is far along the month. This way, you can fix it before it breaks down on your way to work and you have no money to fix it. The best alternative, though, is to start managing your finances and have an emergency kitty for such emergencies. It will save you from getting into deep, which payday loans are well known for.

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